Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Goleshovo" by Ilian Metev - 34"

A tiny woman with a wrinkled face and modest blue eyes, speaks to the camera, as if if talking with an old friend. She says: "Once I got out of Goleshovo, I was a little girl and my mother took me on her travel to the closest towns. I thought there was nothing else besides Goleshovo. But then I saw Petrono, and went to Gabrovo and I was astonished seeing so many different people. When I got home that day, I wouldn't shut up, I was so excited with all I had seen! My mother laugh. I didn't sleep at all that night... and now I wonder, in nowadays people travel all over the world, how do they fit all of that in their heads??? It's so much... It really good to be with
cultured people. I only know this place where I've been for 83 years"