Tuesday, September 1, 2009

making believe...


I'm starting to read about maps. What is there to read? Mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys... yes, there’re all those things, but I’m reading about personal maps. The map you draw when you’re a kid that tells you about the rules of how the world works. The maps that will tell us what is good, what is bad, what is right, what is wrong.

We hold that map as the only truth that sustains our all life.

And here is where it gets difficult. The landscape changes…
Roads are built, and mountains erode, rivers change their courses, deserts grow, lakes fade away.

What about the rules we set about how to live?
Are they still the same, as when we were told that we shouldn’t do this or that, that we were being bad, the rules about who we could trust or not, how to love, how to show love, how to be polite, how to think of ourselves…

Psychology show us that we are taught to avoid our own questions, we’re taught not to think too much, we’re accustomed to wait for time to solve our problems, but they also tell us that’s not the way to find your happiness, they tell us it’s not easy to live if your maps are wrong and old. What used to work in the past, probably doesn’t work anymore. You might have to stop looking for relief, and instead start solving what we feel is not working in our lives.

This is called responsibility, being responsible for your own life, taking action.
Life is hard, we all know that. What else is there to be said?
Do we want to keep complaining or solving what makes life so painful?
Do we want to teach our kids about complaining or solving?

This life is about making believe. Not criticising or judging yourself when you’re about to start playing. Remember that thing we used to do as kids, completely immersed in playful thoughts, and we would stare at our hands and imagine they were flying…

I’m starting to read: “The road less travelled”, M. Scott Peck in case you wonder.

I wish to open my heart and let the Sun inside shine bright! I have a dream…