Thursday, January 7, 2010

Plastic Bag

So imagine this. You’re a plastic bag.
It doesn’t matter where you come from.
If you really need to, just picture some old plastic bags factory.
You’re light, you’re a container and you’re portable.
You serve a purpose: to have things being put and taken from you.
Sometimes you are empty and you get carried away by the wind. It’s beautiful to see you whirling around cars and buildings. Looks like you’re dancing.
Other times, you look like waste, and you get thwacked, and sad as “smashed” potatoes.
You might think there isn’t much you can do as a plastic bag, but you’re mistaken.
You’re so important for so many different people, and for so many reasons. You’re always useful, whether you’re being used or not. You’re always something, it only depends on your imagination. Create anything; a plastic bag doll, a plastic bag dress; a plastic bag bag; it’s your choice to be what you want to be. If you get bored with being anything, change into something else. Dare to be. If you’re undecided on what you want to become, you can choose to be just a simple plastic bag.

Now, some happy plastic bag pictures : )
Thank you rockstars!