Monday, February 22, 2010


Should I have waited for Primavera to pay a visit to preppy Vienna? Hum…
Well, walking in snow it’s always a child-like experience. You can’t really walk straight, and forget about any correct postures, asanas or things like that. The chances of you slipping are about 60%. Just one confused foot, and poff, your butt gets kicked by the ground (or is it the other way around?)

I think the best way to describe the Vienna Experience in February is using the simple visual example of entering a fridge. Most of us do not have that experience, but I'm sure we’ve looked inside, so I’m guessing we all have an idea of what it looks like.

First you feel its quietness. You pull the door firmly and with a strong push, but then nothing happens, nothing moves, everything is frozen… “Freeze mother f%#@...!”. Yes, that’s right. Nothing happens and it’s all quiet. You can hear the gelid winds coming from deep within. You can watch the sudden clouds formation when the warm air from your kitchen creeps into those cold and icy mountains of frost.

That is Vienna, quietly sleeping under a thick layer of ice. You know that one day the pale looking city, will burst in some crazy flowery colours, you know the grass will get greener, you know that the sun is shinning behind the grey, opaque and monotonous sky, but you’re not there to prove that the postcards you see in every store are Photoshop free. It’s life, and it’s happening (or not…)

So it’s all still. Then, one has to wonder, where is the noise, the classical beats?

I imagine that all sounds hide inside big pints of pure brewed beer. At least that’s what I felt, when invited to taste some of the wonderful beers they share with you. It’s not too much to repeat: they really have good beer. I actually think I could start changing wine for beer. Yes, I think so.

So you have the snow, you have the beer, and you have Klimt, and Schiele (if you appreciate the rawness of his drawings), and you also have! Thermalbads, oh yes… yes, yes, yes, what a great experience! Without having to play with words to make it attractive, just picture this: minus one degree outside and you’re floating in a steaming hot pool, with laser lights and classical music playing in loop. Super sensual experience! All your body, all your senses, all your spirit, just melt away in a dreamy state of consciousness…

In Vienna there’re some nice markets to go. Naschmarkt is a small little world of tastes and spices. There are lots of pubs and expensive salons to eat some lovely pastry and drink some coffee. In every corner you can find a chocolate shop, with Mozarts printed everywhere. I didn’t know he was such a chocolate fan…

Is it an expensive city? Not at all. You’ll find the same prices as in Portugal, except for coffee. Hey, we all should stop drinking so much coffee anyway.

I was lucky to have a place to stay, and I’m really thankful for the hospitality.
Joe and Pat, Camila and Wilson, you’re really good chickens ; )

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