Monday, August 9, 2010

4000 km

Não sou nada,
Nunca serei ninguém,
Não posso querer nada.
À parte disso tenho em mim todos os sonhos do mundo.
- Álvaro de Campos, Tabacaria

From Lisbon to San Sebastian, a bit of Guggenheim and moving on to Biarritz, a high end class living small town with lovely longboard waves. From Biarritz to Lourdes, and Pau, land of infinite roundabouts, and up to Tourmalet, to be a part of the Great Tour of France (poor Amstrong looking so very tired...). Stormy weather, big clouds and heavy showers! Let's head up to the beach. Fancy Cadaqués, where Dalí chose to be inspired. And then, beaches after beaches, warm ocean but getting more and more populated as we move on to the west. A little stop in Águilas, for a special pizza ice-cream in Venezia's Gelateria. Thoughts of visiting Granada and Alhambra, good choice. Escaping the heat by going high up in Sierra Nevada. Sevilha, and Lisbon again. The end result: 4000 km by car.

Next time, checking the weather first…

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