Monday, November 8, 2010


No problems when you're in nature...

Once more, enjoying the weekend by going for a long 10km walk in Marvão, and Cabeço de Vide, Portalegre. The autumn colors inspire introspective thoughts: where do I want to go? what can I do better? where can I help?

Portugal is going through a rough time. The feeling of disbelieve in the rulers of our society is huge. Who can we trust? This feeling of not knowing in who to trust ruins the necessary spirit of community. We need to feel that we know and that we can count on our neighbors, in our politicians, in our banks, in our private companies. There can be no prosperity in a dying society. Making money at all cost is just feeding the increasing material and spiritual poverty.

We are getting poorer when we act only as individuals, and not as part of mankind. Who is teaching our children, who is taking care of our elders, who is sharing with the needed, who is giving a warm smile to the depressed?

To share an inspiring experience (hope you join me next time!):

Wednesday, November 3, 2010