Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Because we’re all having a physical experience and we’re also spiritual beings...

As physical beings we’re here to learn and expand our creativity, our perceptions. This world is a dense place. Everything here has a certain weight, and a certain time, even words. Things have a shape and a purpose. Everything here as a polarity, a negative and a positive side. Living on the physical plane is a big challenge for any spirit. Combining wants and desires and feelings and duties, and morality, and ethics, and time frames, right time, wrong time.

Because we don’t know that much about anything, it’s easier to follow the rules man has created, society’s rules, and so, many of us simply deny any possibility of the existence of a spiritual plane. It’s ok to choose that, it’s ok to choose not to investigate that possibility, it keeps you focus on your “mission” here. But, a sense of solitude, loneliness or abandonment might bring you down too often.

We al create our egos to prevent those feelings from arousing. With the use of our imagination and creativity, we create ways of satisfaction and self-realization. That’s why our egos are a good thing to navigate in this world. They give you a sense of goal and purpose. For that, make sure your ego is a strong and a generous one.

Other people will try their best to forget their physicality and become transcendental. They will prevent themselves of any physical engagement and at a certain point of their life they will choose to see this world in a negative sense, as a place of temptation and poverty of the mind. So they hide themselves and in their solitude, they will wait for their time to come , and only then will they become happy spiritual beings again. But does it make sense that this world exists only to see how much time we endure it?

So, once again, what we need is to search for balance, if we wish to grow and develop into happy and satisfied people-souls.

If I remember to see life as an experience, as a continuous flow of lessons, and so, if I embrace myself and others in a vision of Love and humility, I won’t feel so much that life it’s not fair, I won’t feel so much that life is hard and very bitter-sweet, instead, I’ll remember that I should study more to understand this existence better, I should take more time to analyze what’s going on before I criticize and reject this existence. It’s important to want to learn how to live in this world.

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