Monday, August 20, 2012

“What hurts us is what heals us”

Probably meaning that sometimes we’re confronted with certain “injustices” of life, and although the whole situation, whatever it is, really sucks, maybe, just maybe, there’s a reason for it, some kind of lesson needed to be learn.

So far nothing new on that, how many times have we heard it before by some enlightened guru, haha, probably more likely seen in some random post on Facebook... But think about it, how many times has that “unfair” situation repeated itself?

It just happened to me again and I realize that I’m paying a high price for something I neglected to really “see”. Meaning that the warning signs were all there...

Hum, what kind of signs?

One that is very curious because it goes totally against any change, any growth is laziness. Laziness in doing the math, laziness in doing the work... Another sign is feeling nervous about it, with no apparent reason. Something in there feels suspicious. Another sign is when you look twice, and think, maybe I should do it differently. When you´re in tune with your intuition, I guess you just go with the flow and live.

The lesson I had to learn takes time to learn, but I’ll remind myself that I need to change my attitude, otherwise it will happen again.

So, a) don’t let laziness make your choices; b) if you feel strangely nervous about it, take another look at the bigger picture; c) did it made you think twice or did it feel right?

Good luck, you also need some positive randomness on your side!
Ah! How could I almost forget! Another trick to be less of a victim of life's unpredictable events is to live more from that special place, the one that is awaken when some music, like the one below, is played...

Enjoy the flight....

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