Thursday, September 6, 2012

Il coraggio di essere stupidi

Take a look at the bigger picture, one minute you're here, the next you're gone.
I think Life is actually pretty simple, but emotions are not. You know, everything is fine, and suddenly it's not. How do we keep moving on? How do we keep balance?

I guess balance is a a state of equilibrium, but that's it, a state, not a place, not a thing you can hold on to. It's not something to chase and do, but to be in. It’s a state of being.

So I guess we have to sweet talk ourselves very often to keep the mood gentile and steady. That's why it's so important to have an healthy internal monologue, an internal voice that assures you that you're ok, that you can do it, that whatever happens, you'll handle it and even forget about the shitty parts of the tale.

It's better to be optimistic and be disappointed once in a while than being constantly expecting the worst and only sometimes getting actually surprised about the way things turned out.

We do live in a universe of unlimited energy and transformation, so why not have a bit more faith in the process of chasing our dreams. It's the "coraggio di essere stupidi", the courage of being stupid, foolish.

We live in a society where everyone needs an external confirmation of their truth and rightness. But where do those approvals come from? From the important "men" who rule society, but take care of their wealth before they take care of their soul? From the teachers, who just as ourselves do not face their own doubts and fears? From frustrated writers and tired thinkers, who have imagined so much that they no longer distinguish what's the work of their life and what's their imagined reality?

The old kind of society, with strict morals and a rigid set of teachings, does not serves us anymore. It's time for some stupidity to come into action, it's time to let wild creativity in, it's time for some bravery to conquer this self-destructive delirium of constant debt, constant crisis, constant search of new "self's". We have become unable to react efficiently to the most simple questions in life. It really seems that we're not getting any smarter...

""It ain't so much the things we don't know that get us into trouble, it's the things we do know that just ain't so" - Artemus Ward, writer

This constant feeling of postponing what truly is important to us, this constant fear of not feeling accepted by others, this latent search for a normal standardized life, is leaving us dormant. It's like we're not living anymore, we're just watching the movie of our lives, and too many times we feel like we want the money back for the ticket.

Maybe it's true what Jorge Luís Borges said: "A vida só é suportável porque é dada em fatias: a pes­soa se levanta, arruma-se, toma o café da manhã, e vai fazendo as coisas uma por uma... Por isso a vida é menos espantosa." (Life is only surmountable because it's given in pieces: a person gets up, gets dressed, has the morning coffee, and does one thing at the time... that's why life is less amazing)

Less amazing, but more easily digested.
Well, we should choose to be more stupid, than to be incredibly smart, because intelligence is mostly thought by others, and stupidity is mainly ours. Also, stupidity reveals some courage, and usually intelligence limits it...

Intelligently stupid or stupidly intelligent?

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