Sunday, September 16, 2012

The intellegence of asking questions

When you look at yourself in the mirror, when you quietly appreciate the rhythm of life and its colors, when you sit back and distance yourself from the things and people around you, in order to have a greater look of where you're standing, you ask questions, and those questions make who you are.

We're constantly asking questions: either in doubt, by curiosity, when trying to explain or to justify something, when we wonder about the next step... Questions tell the story inside our minds.

So, realizing that, maybe we haven't been paying attention to the questions we pose.

I've notice many times how my questions annoy people, even more if they're close to me. Because my questions make them think beyond their safe limits.

Questions are teasers or threats. Perhaps you can stand by indifferent to an answer, but never to a question. I guess also the brain must not like unanswered questions.

When you create a poem, a song, a drawing, or whatever is that comes from unconscious thinking, you immediately start asking what is the purpose of what you did, or what is the meaning behind it. If you tired of thinking too much, you'll ask if all those questions are really necessary?

Is it really necessary to ask: why did I fell in love? why was I feeling a bit sad? Why did I find that joke so funny? Why does this song feel so in touch with my soul?

If you're able to answer those questions, you'll know yourself better. If you keep on asking questions and you don't give up in trying to answer them, your connection to the present world becomes more conscious and more alive. You can even question yourself, why is that you're questioning so much???

The answer is always that you want to know more, you want to get closer. You might feel you're not in touch to what is happening, to whom you're speaking, to what you're feeling, and you just absolutely need to ask questions to tease or to threat a fear, a doubt, a friend, your stubbornness, your knowledge.

When you ask questions and you can't find one single, even silly, answer, than it's really time for you think deeper on what you're doing.

I strongly believe that until we're still asking questions our presence in this world is relevant. It might be that when we stop asking questions our interest in life dissipates and consequently everything becomes this big grey wash and our soul gets sick.

Let's keep our minds in a vivid state, and let's practice asking questions. Just a word of warning. Most people will feel either threaten or uncomfortable, and might walk away. But don't give up, there are others for whom your questions might reveal to be important, or your questions might even take to whom you've been searching for answers. Good luck.

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