Monday, October 1, 2012

Drowning in negative thoughts...

... and you feel like you're being overwhelmed by your own thoughts. You're drowning in your own thoughts. And it's wave after wave, you think: Damn, I'm getting depressed, but why am I getting depressed, everyone is out there fighting and creating a future and I'm not doing anything, I'm just sobbing, I should be doing this, and that, oh I'm so worthless... and there you are, going down the negative thoughts spiral...

Just as if you're in the water, take a deep breath and wait for the big set to end. Let those big waves come and pound you, and don't fight it, it will just get you even more tired. Talk yourself into a calmer state. Become aware of where they're coming and what you need to do. Breathe deeply, let them crush above, come up to the surface again, get ready for the next one, and the next, until finally you can paddle out of there.

The important thing to also remember is that those waves are not you, you're just experiencing them, but they'll pass and you'll return to a more peaceful place in no time.

So, if you're feeling emotionally overwhelmed, remember to breath deeply and quiet your mind. Take 10 minutes to breathe and to let those waves pass through you. You'll feel better. Guaranteed.

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