Tuesday, December 4, 2012

“Be an individual if you want to be happy. If you want to be happy, then start choosing on your own. There are many times when you will have to be disobedient — be! There are many times when you will have to be rebellious — be! There is no disrespect implied in it. Be respectful to your parents. But remember that your deepest responsibility is towards your own being.”
 - Osho

So you lack in self confidence. Feeling confused about your true nature, your strengths. Maybe we should start with some mind cleansing. Get rid of those dark stains that causes us to feel unbalanced. How can we do that?  To heal yourself you need to identify your little demons (broken pieces). You can identify them any time you do something that is in disagreement with what you believe. So,

Any time you lie about anything tale a look;

Any time you feel the need do pretend, question that;

Any time you feel inadequate, analyze that...

Pause and question the source of that struggle.
Why did you feel or react that way?

You can change the perception of yourself. What you are, core wise, will never change. You're innately loving, innately you are the way you are. But you can change the way you see yourself, and the way you interact with others.

Whatever the dark places you think you have, let them be the crack where the light comes in. Let the sunshine in...

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