Monday, December 10, 2012

Good stuff...


1. Dream Big. We tend to overestimate what we can do in a year. But we underestimate what we're capable of in 5 years. So think big. Visualize your life 5 years ahead.

2. Human beings are mostly good. Trust more. Love more. Take a risk with exposing your heart. (It's more resilient than you think!). Some people might let you down, but most will elevate you.

3. Don't let dogma hold you back or trap you into previous generations way of life. Always question.

4. Don't attach your happiness to your goals. Be happy before you attain them. You'll find attaining them much easier when you make the journey and not the destination the key to your happiness.

5. No person is an island. We all need each other. Borders, countries, nations, religions and anything that makes us feel 'different' from each other should be things of the past. Do not believe the priests, the media, the politicians who divide us with "us vs them".

6. This is the only life you'll ever live. Don't waste it pursuing others people's expectations of you. Make a bucket list of everything you want to experience. And start crossing things off like this is your last year on earth.

7. You're here to grow. So learn, absorb and soak up knowledge. Growth is a goal, a quest in itself.

8. Happiness may come from gaining things. But true fulfillment comes from giving things. Give, contribute, share. You become happy when you make others happy.

9. Leadership is recognizing that we are all ONE. That every person you lead is as brilliant as you, as talented as you, and has the same capacity for growth and accomplishment. They simply need to be reminded of this fact. The best leaders, in short, are those that create other leaders.

10. Treat humanity like you're it's mom. Never do business that makes humanity worse off. The money isn't worth it. Good entrepreneurs and employees create things that push the human race forward. This is the ultimate goal.

11. When you complain or whine, you become a giant living, breathing crap magnet.

12. When you appreciate and are grateful, you'll always find more good things falling onto your lap. Gratitude gives you God-like powers over the things that show up in your life.

13. Here's the truth: You are literally bending reality every single day with your thoughts. So watch what you think.

14. You are more powerful than you think. No matter what you've been told in the past.

15. If you aren’t growing, your doing a disservice to your mission and to the world. Dream big, play big and push your boundaries. By letting yourself shine, you grant permission for others to do the same.

~ The Mindvalley Manifesto

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