Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Tiger That Never Was

Tigers are animals feared by many types of preys, and non-preys coming to think about it. Even elephants might not be completely safe as Tigers might take advantage of any kind of physical weakness.

With a natural capacity to adapt to any kind of environment, they’re fast and thorough creatures. They are felines, but they can actually be very good swimmers.

Besides all their innate physical stamina and horse power when it comes to chase their preys, they are also, inequivitably, beautifully looking beings. Their fur is exquisite, being many times used in the fashion industry to represent sophistication, power and a sensuality that holds the essence of the wild side of life.

Tigers are the “femme fatales” of the animal kingdom, languish and apparently lazy, but nonetheless always very present of their goal. Their ultimate wish is to satisfy their very own desire of physical satisfaction, which comes from eating well, resting well and procreating.

As any “femme fatale”, they have very individualistic manners. They prefer to be more in the quietness of their solitude, than in the confusion of too much noise and thoughts. They have their own “moral” code. There’s no wrong or right way to do things. If they want something to be done then they are right in doing it for it’s in their gut, the desire to do it comes from their very own instinct. It’s their life unique experiences that lead them towards nature’s spiritual laws of existence. Their astonishingly balance comes from that primordial paradigm: nature is the essence of all Life, so being naturally a Tiger is what they’ll be best.

A day well lived in a Tiger’s life starts with a nice siesta in the warm sun. Only after their body temperature becomes naturally ready for movement then they might go for a “stroll”, to smell everything, to become aware of their surroundings. To know exactly where they are, and with whom, it’s vital for the sake of their security and peace of mind. Tigers know that very well so they need to explore the room, explore the space.

If they’re not hungry, they’ll go back to that nice siesta left back some hours ago, but if it’s time to be fulfilled, then they will change their mindset, and focus on their primal mission: to hunt and eat.

When they hunt all their power and energy is used. They scanvenger until they are sure they’ve found the right prey. They’ll watch it for the necessary amount of time until they’re certain about the way they will carefully and successfully approach it. Once committed to their choice, then it’s just a matter of opportunity, and in a fast and powerful single action they will chase down and paralyze their victim...

They’ll eat the necessary amount, and mark the rest as theirs, in case they need to come back for a second meal, but probably once the hunt is consumed, their belly is full, and the appeal for a long sweet nap is stronger than the need to protect it’s hunt. Remember, their immediate satisfaction comes first... yeah... well, but that was a long time ago. Now I’m married, and I don’t think I’ve really trusted my instinct that much to be that tiger I thought to be. Trying to please everyone but yourself gets you a bit off of who you truly are. So, I guess I am the tiger that never was


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