Sunday, January 27, 2013

Short Story...

Twin babies are talking in the mother's womb:
Do you believe in life after birth?
Yes, I do.

How stupid you are! How would such a life look?
I think it will be lighter there, we will walk on our own legs and eat using our mouth.

But everyone knows it is impossible! We can only eat through our umbilical cord!
I am sure it is possible. I can imagine it.

But no one has ever come back from there. Therefore life simply ends with birth. Life is a suffering in darkness!
No, you are wrong. After birth we will see our Mother and she will take care of us.

Oh! Do you believe in Mother? And where do you think she is?
She is everywhere around us, we are inside her and we can not live without her.

Nonsense! I have never seen any Mother, so there is no Mother at all.
And I believe in Mother with all my heart. In silence I hear her singing sometimes. She loves us. Our life after birth is going to be beautiful. That is my belief.

~ Author Unknown

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