Friday, March 22, 2013

I wish... to become more positive. How?

If you're developing some negative attitude about yourself, your friends, your lack of motivation, your job, if everything just seems like it’s pointless and most people just look like their acting against you, on purpose, hey, step back right now!

Breathe deeply 2 or 3 times...

Life simple events can take us back too some unsolved teenage years mild depressions, and the symptoms that warn you that you’re slowly going down that dark spiral, actually show up in a very subtle manner. You might not even be aware of them... It starts with wasting time on things that are not important, but keep you busy. From watching too much TV, to cleaning your room or house too many times and spending too much time in the internet, following link after link, detouring from what you need to do in order to get want you want, to eventually not wanting to make plans with your friends, or even wanting to go out.

Yep, you’re mildly depressed, and you’re building up a negative perspective on life. And it will become a bigger problem for you, and for everyone around you, if you don’t cut off those feelings or sensations NOW.

Ok, right now you got that sparkle of Hope. You’re thinking, Yes! I want to stop feeling this way right now! Yes, I know that I just have to go out and fight for having fun, do some exercise, visit a friend, plan something for tonight, start looking for ways I can become better at my job, school, etc.

But, it won’t last will it? Nop, we all know that those thoughts are just that flickish sparkles of Hope, that will last until you finish this text and then you'll go back being kind of sad again.

So what can you really do? Really, what can you do that will bring back the normal you, a satisfied you, a “I’m-cool-with-life-just-the-way-it-is” you?

1- Start by appreciating what you have right now. There has to be something good in your life. Go simple. The air you're breathing? Computer? Internet! There’s someone (me) feeling just like you, so you’re not alone... There are many things to feel grateful for. So practice gratitude.

2- If you want to become positive you have to act positive. Whatever if it starts with a fake smile. Make believe you’re the zen master of happiness and calm. Think how calm and positive you are (pretend, sing "oh yes I'm the great pretender!"); Think how wise and spiritual your are (imagine you’re wonderfully witty about everything); Think that because you’re feeling so good you can actually help others! (when you focus on others, you forget about your own problems, and they won’t hunt you back, eventually everything just passes, so go head and forget about you for a bit).

3- Think of your problems right now as challenges. Imagine yourself as being the only person in the island. No one to call for help. You, and just you, have to figure out what to do next.

4- Meditate. I can’t stress this enough. Meditation is amazing. There are so many guided meditations out there. Try it. It changes your brain waves. You'll become more aware and calm.

5- End all the drama around you! Maybe it’s on TV, dump it. Maybe it’s a negative friend who won’t try to change like you’re trying, ask for some time off. It’s on the news, choose what you want to know about. Do you think knowing about unemployment ratings is going to help you find a job??? Hello! Build your own story. Yes, there is a financial crisis, but there are also people just like you who are looking to join up and do something cool, making money in a creative and heart felted way instead of just doing what they’re told! Be your own news reporter.

So go ahead and make a commitment towards yourself. Yes you’ve made mistakes in the past and you wish you could run back to fix things, but you can’t. Accept that, because staying in that mood won’t prevent you from making the same mistakes again. So commit, find something to remember the choice you’re making and cary it with you. Notice when your acting like a bitch, or a bastard, and make the shift! Notice and choose.

I really believe dreams can come true. I was very close to some of them but because of fear I chose let them go. Yah, I chose. Don’t want to make that mistake again or waste my life just wishing. Come on, let’s commit.

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