Friday, March 22, 2013

Interesting... we know this already, but it's good to remember.

Here are 14 things I learned from my experience attending Vipassana: 

From Cat O'Connor:
1. There is tremendous clarity to be found in silence.
2. We talk far more than is necessary.
3. We become lost and caught up in the sound of our voice and the voices of others.
4. If we practiced more self-awareness we would remain more aware of the true intention behind, and power of our words, which would allow us to speak less, hurt less and give more.
5. Slowing down is the only way to experience now.
6. Now is a feeling, a sensation, a presence that is tangible if you slow down long enough to feel it.
7. Extending goodwill and loving kindness to all beings is fostered through experiencing your true nature.
8. To cling to or try to control anything is futile, let go and allow life to unfold natural.
9. Trust in the universal, natural law; Dharma.
10. To hold on to anger, fear, hurt, resentment, pain or ill will only causes suffering – everything arises and everything passes away.
11. To stand with strong determination in a place of Metta (loving kindness for all beings) will not make you a doormat, rather it will provide you with the strength and clarity necessary to take right action.
12. You are the master of your own mind; give yourself the gift of experiential wisdom.
13. Every moment is new.
14. This will also change.

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