Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Freedom through Rituals


“In today’s meditation we will take part in a guided ritual of release, designed to give you freedom from the past. Anything you do on a daily basis can be called a ritual—from waking up at the same time every morning, to eating lunch at noon, to showering every day. Rituals comfort us because they are familiar and easily repeatable. Many rituals are used to symbolize ancient practices of purification. You can use rituals to release painful memories or stories from your past that may have been keeping you from success, health, or giving and receiving the love you deserve. (...)
Rituals have had a place in various cultures for thousands of years.  Some, like the New Years kiss at midnight, is cultural.  Others, like the Catholic ritual of communion, are religious.  The reason rituals have lasted through the centuries is because they’re simple, familiar and easily repeatable. Rituals involve doing something symbolically that translates on a spiritual and physical level. (...)
Some spiritual teachings offer a burning bowl ceremony at the end of the year.  In this ritual, participants are given a piece of paper and ask to write anything that no longer serves them, or any negativity or discord they would like to release.  Once they have written their declaration of release, everyone tosses their papers into a large metallic bowl where they are ignited.  Burning of the paper symbolized the purification and release of toxic thoughts, emotions and behaviors. (...)

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