Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Turn your Light ON

We can be taller, smarter, more forgiving or happier. We can find ourselves or get lost somewhere. We can choose because we don't know what's next, what's on the next curve, what's going on after we past away. That's freedom. Being free doesn't mean having the money to buy a flight, it means being free to choose your attitude.

Turn on that beautiful light that anyone can feel from your smile. Turn it on just by feeling your heart pulsate. Feel how the entire world pulsates. The breath of the trees, the blood stream running through small creeks and large rivers. We are all connected and our heart is beating just like another one is beating inside the person next to you.

Try to keep yourself pure at heart, even with all the mistakes you’ve done, forgive yourself by not falling into the same mistakes. Make your best effort to act upon your best attitude and remember that not acting by fear it's still is a decision you're making, but probably a wrong one. Choose LOVE, for Nature, for Life, for Joy, for Abundance. Be a Fertile soil where laughs, colors, and strength can sprout.

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