Sunday, May 26, 2013

“As long as you can describe it, it’s not that. It’s a mystery. It’s beyond description. The finite can never comprehend the infinite. So as long as you can describe it, and you can talk about it, it’s not that. And this is something you should always remember.”
— Robert Adams

Somethings are truly out of our lexicon, out of our ideas, really impossible to conceptualize. Those are things of the “Heart”, of the Soul, but you can feel them, sometimes more than others. A sensation that pulls you out of “reality”. Sometimes you have an impression, a fast flickering glimpse, but, if you’re in the right mood, the right vibration, if your heart is on the right place, those feelings can last longer and it might make you cry or smile. Whatever the result, is amazing.

To have more moments like that, remember to feel music, feel the wind, look at the sky, watch the leafs fall, feel the temperature of water... and BREATH, breath deep.

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