Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fear of the Future?

Lets see. We have to work hard to get somewhere, although we can choose to work less and still be somewhere. Whatever. You can be more of the kind that enjoys hard work, or you might be more of the soft kind, that enjoys the chillness of no commitments.

Whatever is that drives you, accept it. But you know that growth comes from pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. So, if you like to work a lot, try to work less and chill more. If you’re the ultimate chiller, try to put your hands to work, create! it will feel good.

After the intention of wanting to grow, trying to be better, comes fear...  most of us tend to feel a bit scared of these small changes. We question, what’s going to happen now? Will people dislike me, will I loose everything I’ve gained so far? Fear of the new, of the unknown.

But fear sucks! Big big time! So, when you feel it creeping up your intention for some change, question with authority! What am I scared off???? Tomorrow? Never ever meeting someone I can share my life with? Never ever going to have a job that I’m enthusiast about and actually helps me pay the bills??? What, what is it that I’m scared off?

We’re actually scared of our own thoughts. It’s our thoughts that scared us! It’s not what is in front of us. We’re scared of becoming old solitary bags, alone in some corner, sick and in pain, but we’re not that, and we don’t want that, so stop right now from creating more suffering. We can stop some of our suffering if we stop projecting in our life the bad things we imagine might happen.
Get it?

We’re ephemeral. We’re here today, but who knows if will be here tomorrow.
Nothing lasts forever. Even the “I will Love you forever” can change. Everything changes. And it’s positive that it does so. Things that don’t move, don’t grow and don’t feel are dead.

So accept the Future as it comes. Say yes, ok, ha ha, wow, really? grrrrr, manifest your feelings but accept them, don’t be scared of what you don’t know. We’re such ignorants about the planet and the universe, does it make sense to live with the fear that maybe this giant ball of fire will one day explode? No, we should just start singing out loud  “Great Ball of Fire”! It’s better to be crazy and live in the Right Now, than sane, and always suffering from frustration because we can’t control everything around us!

When it comes to Life, we can’t be little pricks about the way we want things to happen. We have to let go, let it be, let it become. Hey, it’s all about having a positive attitude about things, and never doubt about that itching curiosity of trying something new. Go. 1,2,3, go! Be crazy : ) independently crazy!

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