Thursday, June 27, 2013

What are we made off, she asked.

“Your essence is gold, hidden in dust.”


There we were, with all the time in our hands and the warmth of a peaceful late afternoon. Seated comfortably in two cosy papasan chairs, sipping on a fresh lemonade.

The sweet sound of the wind curling around the leaves and the beautiful chirp of blackbirds was our soundtrack. Some old tunes were playing inside, left forgotten after a long lunch of sharing our favorite flavors and songs.

Feeling such great communion, she asked me: what are you made off?

Maybe it was the immense peace I was feeling inside, maybe the deep relaxed environment just had quiet my constant chattering mind, what I can only say is that the question neither frightened or surprised me. It sounded as such a natural thing to ask. What am I made off?

It felt good to be asked that and before I had no idea how much I wanted to be asked about it. My heart felt embraced, and I felt at home.

She had the softest look and I could see that her mind was already traveling along in that blissful space we had created. Before I could even think of an answer my lips were already throwing words to the open air. I was speaking with no mind into it, only my heart. I was speaking from a place of no fear.

From what I remember I said I was made of everything. I was made of air, water, fire, and earth. I was the North, the South, the East and the West. I was the seed, the plant and the animal that eats it. I was here and everywhere else. I was Love and hate, Forgiveness and guilt. I was all that we know and beyond that. I said, I am you, and you in me.

If you’re everything and everything is you, do you have a purpose?
Yes, I do.

She looked at me, grateful for my answer. She said that so very rarely has anybody replied with such confidence that they had a purpose. She said, thank you with a smile and I said thank you for your love.

It was so easy and pleasant to stare at each other’s eyes.

We were only able to open so much of ourselves because we were sharing from a place of Love. A place of no judgement, no criticism, no opinion. Both of us could just be everything we were. Ignorants, naives, misguided, insecure, silly, but positive and interested, curious and open. Nothing was being taken personally, for all that I knew was complemented by what she knew and the other way around. We were both part of the same big Universe. Nothing really separated us.

As I continued, the closer we got.

I said that my purpose was to do whatever I could do really well and with the most joy. My purpose was to share that joy and multiply it. My part in this beautiful World was to help whenever I could by rebuilding Dreams and Hopes. I was here to facilitate, to teach and to learn. My purpose was to be both the Teacher and the Student. To be either the parent or the son. I was to be the storyteller and the actor. My purpose was to change any negative feeling into a positive and loving one. My purpose was to hold someone’s hand and say I Love You, with absolute sincerity, from this place where these words are coming from.

And so I reached for her hand and said it with the most beautiful, intense, and infinite sensation: I Love You, and I know you Love me, and that’s not only our purpose but it’s what we’re made off.

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