Monday, July 1, 2013

Dream Big, but start small.

I try, I really try, but it still feels like I'm not really getting anywhere. What's wrong with me I think? ... and I know. Lack of consistency; lack of one achievable goal; living more on suspicion that on real time truths; not putting the energy and effort on it; not listening to my own voice and living just as a by stander... I know where all of this “lazyness” comes from: never having to really fight for something own my own, and always counting on someone's else energy to rescue me. Tough truth, but accepting it is one step further out of this poor sighted condition.

They say, open your eyes, open your arms, just do it. No one can or should live your life for you. Fight for what you need, do it for everyone. In the end I believe it’s a lot simpler than what we thought it to be in the beginning. I’m so sure of that!

Start small. I'm starting small...

Quiet your mind. Raise your self-esteem by having positive self-talks. Commit to change, and DO IT. Everyday a little bit. One day we will easily do our own "head stand", without needing an approval or an audience. Just for ourselves.

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