Wednesday, July 31, 2013

When the whole world seems like a tricky place

There are days like this, and lives like this. Sometimes everything feels wrong, difficult, hard to make it happen, and other times the flow of events is nice and pleasant, and beliefs are easy to follow or prove.

When the whole world seems like a tricky place and everything feels like a test that we are destined to fail, positive perspectives are hard to keep. Most likely we might end up wondering if the walls raised in front aren’t really opportunities to grow...

Are they?

Victims of different misfortunes will tell you that indeed, what was once the tragedy and end of their past lives, is now the most important step stone they’ve crossed.

What’s tricky about this is that all these failed jumps leave us tired, and when we’re tired, very few things feel worthy of any effort. No effort, no gain...

If only we could run infinitely without ever getting tired. If only we could trust without ever doubting. If only we could love without ever, not even for a second, hate.

Wouldn’t it be great if all our enthusiasm, dreams, passions lasted one second forever repeated in time?

I wish I didn’t forget so easily my inner most motivations. Like watching a beautiful picture of an old charismatic camper van parked quietly on a hill, lighten up by the most orange and warm sunset, emanating companionship and the free spirit of long roads.

I wish I had always that sunset in me, and that I could be that lovely picture for you.

How can we keep ourselves traveling the seas of compassion and joy, without ever doubting, or hating, or losing our beautiful window view of mountain hills and perfects waves... ?

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