Friday, August 9, 2013

Be careful not follow on somebody else’s script

We all have our own desires and secrets, intentions and unspoken fears. Sometimes people find in others ways to make their personal fantasies come true. It’s OK to do that, if with action comes some sort of warning.

We’re all characters in our unsettled minds. Sometimes we’re parents or we’re sons. Sometimes we’re friends, or act as enemies. We’re constantly changing and living different perspectives of Life. It’s healthy to be flexible and open, but for the sake of less regretting, we must always be aware of what kind of script we want to read later.

After something is done, remember there will be more lines after that. If something feel wrong for you, keep in mind that there is no “The End” after what you’re doing. The script will continue. So ask yourself, what sort of lines do I want to come after my decision. Do you want a fight? Do you want drama? Maybe you do, and good for you, to be prepared to be weak is a way of being strong. But if you don’t want to shake your blissful peace, think twice and think if what you’re doing is really your choice, or someone else’s.

So be careful not follow on somebody else’s script. You have your own path, choices and decisions. The memory of you and your Life is entirely written by you. Everything else is just an opinion on who you are, or chose to be.

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