Thursday, August 1, 2013

Political Humor... not really that funny.

I don't know but being completely rational in this world is actually a bit crazy. No, not crazy cause insanity is somewhat healthy in the pursuit for happiness and blessed ignorant. My point can be easily shown by the following excerpts on the news of Mr. Berlusconi arrest.

(...) “The sentence the court confirmed was four years, but it was automatically reduced to one year under a law aimed at combating prison overcrowding.”

Prison overcrowding...

“Mr. Berlusconi is still facing trial on charges of paying for sex with the Moroccan-born Karima el Mahroug, nicknamed Ruby Heartstealer, when she was still a minor, and abusing his office to cover it up.”

“In comments published recently on his party’s Facebook page, Mr. Berlusconi, a former prime minister, said he was prepared to go to prison if he was convicted”

Published on Facebook...

Then comes the news about Mr. Snowden, re-starting the old Russian and US conflict. No other country would face the US and initate a potencial disagreement with such world economical “power”, but of course, Russia would and did.

So, if you really think through the absurdity of these political games, and look back to our small, innocent, but still mindfully “political” childhood games, it’s scary how much similar all is.

Think about it... we need to think about it.

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