Monday, August 12, 2013

Secrets of staying together

First of all you can’t forget that you’re always in a relationship with yourself. So start with having a loving, compassionate and inspiring relationship with You.

When you find a partner, when both your energies meet and are flowing in the same frequency, commit with each other, but not in a moral, obligation or religious way. Commit into creating, into gathering yourself in the relationship, and recommit along the relationship every time there’s a problem. Learn together by being open to each other. Talk openly about what hurts, or what makes you happy. Share even the most silly things.

Don’t loose focus on yourself, on how you can be more attractive. Find out more about the things that make you glow with confidence. Put your attention on your creative self. If you feel confident, nothing can really shake you up. No place for jealousy or insecurity.

We don’t have any control over our partner. Knowing that allows us to be free from the possessive struggles. It’s not about what the other does, but about how we respond to it.

Victim; Villain or Hero?
Don’t choose one, or be one. Be none. Don’t get in that game. Remember that you are feelings and emotions, so let yourself be free from that triangle, and choose to dance, to flow, choose to enjoy Life, shift from those antagonist forces, and think of yourself as whole. Neither victim, villain or hero. Plain You.

Don’t play the victim, or become the authoritarian leader, or the hero that puts on the cape and is running all over to the rescue. Be present in yourself, watch what feelings you’re having, find out where they’re coming from, notice what’s real and what is not, and flow in the Now. Stay present and most of all, stay interested in growing together.

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