Thursday, September 5, 2013

For the people pleasers outhere...

Some of us were raised believing we should please everyone. Some of us, as little kids, were so eager to hear theirs parents saying nice things, or just that we did good, that when we are older, adults really, that necessity for applause, for a tap on your back, for a compliment, or just to feel accepted by others by being the cool nice friend, lingers on forever.

When that happens we forget about ourselves and we live to please.
We live on trying to please our buddies, our teachers, our girlfriends, our spouses, our boss, any stranger that looks unpleased with something we did, we get anxious just by wondering if that new person we’re meeting is going to like us or not. We assume that people won’t like us immediately unless we give them something, unless we lay down on the floor with our belly up and ask for some “pettling”.

So, if you think you might be the type, and you already know it’s not easy to change a behaviour you’ve learned all your life, think about this.

You might be a people’s pleaser, but if you choose your priorities right that trait can turn into something healthier for you. Learn to put yourself first and start by pleasing yourself. If you have to please, ask what do you need to please you.

“If you’re gonna concern yourself about second opinions, don’t let it be about what others may think…let your concern fall instead on how your Soul feels.”

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