Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happiness Prescription:

We are creating a new Global Mind. Society is changing through all this new technology, everything is happening in such fast mode, sometimes it’s even hard to breathe at this pace, but we adapt. We are very adaptable creatures. It’s essential that we bring in us the Care and Love for ourselves and others. Values such as Respect, Tolerance, Truth, Honesty, Freedom, Friendship and Consciousness are vital for us to evolve the best way possible.

It’s important for our own Health and the Health of our society to have things in the right place.

Like your job, make it resonate with your passion;
Have 2, 3 people you consider best friends, with whom you communicate in a daily basis;
Exercise everyday; go for a walk, run, play outside;
Get a good night sleep everyday;
It’s important not to worry about money, so make you sure to build financial independency;
Give back, volunteer, help someone, share.

Now, a bit of funny ironic humor ; )

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