Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You are not your story but your actions.

Your story is what you tell others, is what you tell to yourself, but it could be made of little lies, misinterpretations, false turns. Your actions are the truth in you. Actions don't lie. If you've done something wrong in the past, that you regret and everyday you wish you could erase it from your Life Story, don't believe that what you did it's not you. You are that wrong choice. For some reason you might not know yet, you chose to do wrong. Accept it as it is and learn from it, don't erase it. No need to bring back to the surface either if it brings more hurt than peace, but accept that in your life you've made some bad choices based on what you knew at the time. By now, you should know better before committing the same or similar mistake. Be sure to pay attention to what you're doing. You'll know a lot more about yourself and your own true nature if you pay attention not to your thoughts but to your actions.

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