Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Transform from victim to Hero!

We're here. Right now, right here. You're reading this post almost at the same time I'm writing my Hopes and Dreams. Along with the years I've learned that the only reason why I haven't grown as I wish, is because I've been afraid to grow. I always thought that growing was for others. I thought I was different from everyone else. Others were always normal and happy, while I was different and afraid of being happy.

Why is it hard to believe that we deserve happiness?

All we need is in front of us. ALL.

I keep looking for opportunities and lucky chances, but I'm the amulet, I'm the magician, I’m the writer of my very own destiny, and Dreams are what they are. Dreams are meant to be dreamt, meant to only exist in our minds, for fun! or for some other ulterior deep message. But chasing them leads nowhere. To be happy all we need is right now. To breath and laugh. To watch and smile. To caress and love. To live and appreciate.

“Scars show you where you’ve been in the past, but they don’t lead your Future”

Whatever is in the Past, that’s where it belongs. Move past it. Set yourself free to be yourself the fullest. We’re not living this life forever. One day it’s over. One day it won’t matter. What matters is how you feel right now, and from there, what scent you leave behind you. Are you giving love, and sharing good memories. Are you having FUN? Are you an example of a fighter, an inspiration, a romantic, an altruistic and non-selfish someone, a confider, a friend, a warm shoulder... That’s what matters. BELIEVE you can BE whatever you set yourself to be.

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