Sunday, January 19, 2014

BIG mistakes and small JOYS...

Sometimes I wish I was living someone else's life. Some Lives just seem more exciting and truer, lived fully with a strong beating Heart. Passion, desire, devastating failures followed by grand successes. In fewer words, Lives that look like good romantic-comedy movies.

But, sometimes, when the sun shines over, I can really feel appreciative of all my big mistakes (except for 2 or 3 really shitty ones) and think how lucky I am, for the adventures and misadventures I’ve lived, to the point I want to shout: THANK YOU! and I can feel the Love in my Life, spilling over from every each pore. Ah, this Life I’ve been given... Well, it’s not my Life. I didn’t sign any paper, or cloud, saying I was owning a Life with which I can do whatever I want. It happened to me just as it happened to you.

Most times it’s apparent that my Life is like a leasing deal. I can use it as I want, but there are certain rules to follow, and if I fail to follow one rule,  I can immediately feel the set back. In the end I can either keep this Life as mine, or give it back, but then, if I give it back, I’ll have to do everything all over... choose a family, grow, learn, forgive, and Love, Love till I am that Life.

How do we get there? to “I am that Life”
Jose Gonzalez - Stay Alive from CHRIS AMOS on Vimeo.

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