Monday, April 7, 2014

The man who believed more than others

I didn’t know much about this person, as I don’t know much about so many things, but just like another random event I’ve come to know about his death.

Usually that is such a sensitive and sad moment that, I think as most people do, I prefer to be silent about it, and just choose to feel death from within. But, as sometimes happens, it’s when someone goes away that you get to know them better. You see beyond daily life’s prejudice and watch that person’s own beliefs reflected in the Life they’ve lived.

I’ve watched the news about this man’s death and was inspired by his Life, and how it continues to inspire others. Whatever mistakes or wrong assumptions he has made in his Life, one thing was permanent and consistent: the power of believing. That’s what makes our Life worth sharing. Consistency in what you believe.

So, in a sad moment like this, we should ask ourselves, in what do I believe? It’s not too late to refocus on what you consider important. It’s not too late to turn around and shift direction, but it can be too late if you don’t believe in anything.

I think that not believing might be considered an illness, for not believing means not having any assumptions, no ideas, no connections. We need to believe, it’s in our core soul/mind/survival system.

But here's the trick about our beliefs. We don’t all believe in the same things, and many of the things we believe are considered by others as silly, as impossible our childish. And that’s when so many of us decide to stop believing in our intimate thoughts to believe in someone else’s beliefs.

There’re some basic rules we can follow that allow us to keep believing in our own ideas without harming others, and the only person who needs proof about your beliefs is yourself.

The first rule is freedom: we’re all born free. Second: your actions should never hurt or kill another human being. Third: this world is not ours, so we have to take care and respect nature. Basically it’s this. There is a lot more to be said here, but for that just read the The Universal Human Rights Declaration.

If we all followed these simple rules, everyone could have the chance to live a Life they believed in. And when a human dreams and believes in his dream, wonderful things can happen.

What are your beliefs? Don’t stop believing...

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