Monday, June 9, 2014

Challenge what you believe

So we think that we should grow old, accepting that we're old and so, all the things we used to do we cannot do them any more... STOP! You don't know that. We grow old, our body gets old, but our mind and spirit doesn't. And here lies the secret of eternal youth: to keep your mind alive, playful and as dreamer as any kid's head. Let go of what is common to think or do, and let yourself be inspired by LOVE. Love for music, Love for nature, Love for writing, Love for hugging and chatting... whatever pleases you. But challenge yourself, not only to listen music, but to play an instrument. Challenge yourself not only to watch nature, but learn more about it. Challenge yourself not only to remember your friends but write them a letter or make new ones.

Meet 83 year old dancer, Carmen De Lavallade:

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