Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Speak with/to your mind

Why is it that it’s so much easier to correct others while it’s so much tougher for us to correct ourselves?

“Correct your mind & the rest will fall into place”

We're too easy on words. We say them out loud and most of the time we don't measure their strength and consequences. But when they're directed at us, we can feel them alright and the anxiety that surges inside either makes us grab a bar of chocolate, a drink or a pillow.

We need to learn how to speak with ourselves, how to negotiate, how to build a trusting and caring relationship.

We believe that what we think can stay inside. We believe that if we don't address it, no harm will come, as it lies within the serpentine chaos of our mind, no one will see it, and we'll still look calm and stylish. Well, it doesn't work like that...

What we think not only doesn't stay inside, hidden, as it can also harm us.

Our thoughts are like the air we breath. Toxic air makes you sick. Toxic thoughts make you sick.

So, next time you see that you're building up a terrible script, dialogue in your head, shout: CUT!
And repeat the scene, this time, with your heart in it.
Love and respect yourself.

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