Saturday, December 27, 2014

Follow your joy

... I know, it´s sound simplistic.
common, how many of us are not happy within their relationships, or job, with their families, or with themselves?... We're not all stupid, are we?

... silence ...

we're a bit.
yes, we're a bit stupid, I wrote it, but hey!
it's not the end of the world!
Admitting that is actually the first crucial step to stop being stupid.

Go "Ok, I thought I knew it all, I thought I should be like everyone else,
I thought that not being really happy was natural, ok, I haven't been the smartest person."

So, how does a non-stupid person live their life?
From what I've seen, heard and felt, non-stupid people live free.
They don't care for criticism or judgmental observations, unless they bring some enlightenment towards a better way to be happy. They have good friends and listen to them, but they also know that nobody knows their shit that well to actually understand the complexity of someone else's life.

We don't know anything for sure. That's one major rule for stop being stupid.
We don't know shit. We have clues, hints, hunches, feelings about this and that, but until we actually do it, it's all a guess, a wild guess. So this brings us to humility.

Non-stupid people are humble.

They're humble, they know that they know very little about Life, but they're not scared of that uncertainty. They're ok with that. Ok.

So what if I don't know where I'm heading, right now, what do I need to know that?
Ah! Need!

This brings us to another characteristic of a non-stupid person.
They have needs, ok, but their needs are simple. Remember, humility.
We all need each other, we don't know all how to fix things or how to communicate them. Even the so called genius have handicaps. So, because non-stupid people know that everyone needs something, they give freely what they can and receive freely what they need. Simplicity.

One thing in exchange for something else, but in a calm and collected manner.
No comparisons, no measuring up, no bitterness or egotism.

It goes like this, "Hey, can you help me? Sure, what do you need? I need you to scratch my back, can you do it? Yeah, no problem.". On another day, could be 5 minutes or 10 years later, those same people meet up and say "Hey, remember when I scratched your back? Yeah, so nice! What's up? Yeah, I noticed you had some good strong muscles there. Can you help me carrying that couch? Sure, let's go!"


Humbleness, Simplicity and... Joy!

Joy is about pleasure.
Non-stupid people know very well their sources of pleasure, and they work for it!
They know what they need and they go for it.
They don't stand there waiting to hear from someone else's mouth what is the greatest thing "since sliced bread". They have tried it and learned what's their thing.

Again, it's not about measuring up and competing with others, it's following your vibe, your thing.
And when you're happy, when you believe in yourself, you gain faith.
Faith that things have a purpose, a meaning, a right time, faith that in the end everything "falls" into its right place. Or rise.

Just one more little thing. We all make mistakes and sometimes we end up hurting someone.
Non-stupid people apologize. But to really say "I'm sorry", you need to take in the responsibility of your action. When you have to apologize understand how you hurt the other and state the behavior that you think hurt the other person. Don't look for excuses like "You provoked me!". Nop, own your action and say "Sorry, I didn't hear you, or I was selfish, or I forgot, I have to work on that". If you got it right just don't repeat it again. The other person will feel your empathy.

And that's it.
Working on being a less stupid person.


  1. Stupid is a bit harsh... Confused, lost, not knowing better, this is easier to accept. We are not all super smart. We don't all have it figured out. But we try. Or at least some of us do...,
    Simplicity... Well, how can life be simple when we all have to survive? We have homes, posessions, partners, children, pets etc. all the things in life that we need in order to fit in. To be normal. Accepted. If money wasn't an issue,maybe many of us would indeed have simpler lives, but that is not the case.
    Humbleness... Well, I ask you, how do you define humbleness? It isn't as simple to explain as you may think. Is a person humble because he thanks you for the money you throw in his hat as he sits at the side of the road? Or is a woman humbled when her son or her daughter cries at the death of a sparrow? How is humbleness measured? Who even measures it? I guess we only find the answer to that (and many other things) after we pass in to our next life.
    If we hurt people in our life and it is unintentional, or even unavoidable, then we should feel no regret or sadness. The life lessons we have learned in order to make the decisions that have hurt others will in turn be lessons for them. Weather or not they realise this at the time is another issue!
    One day I will have more answers, because I still have questions...

  2. ... because there's so much one doesn't know, I thought of Humility, Humility in accepting one's ignorance towards Life's "surprises"... when we're humble, we stop trying to prove ourselves towards others. If you believe you know more than I do, that's your belief and I should respect it. (in wiki: ... having a clear perspective and respect for one's place in context.). Definitely age brings wisdom, and wisdom most usually comes from hardship.

    for me it meant, wanting less stuff, less trophies in the shelf, achievement from the self act of just living and dealing with life. Keeping it simple, manageable.

    Simplicity in dict.:
    2. freedom from complexity or intricacy.
    3. absence of luxury, pretentiousness, ornament, etc.; plainness.
    4. freedom from deceit or guile; sincerity; artlessness.

    So, less deceit, more acceptance... and positive thinking.
    As, instead of praying asking for protection from fear and misfortune, praying from a place of gratitude, because despite all the shit outthere, while we're breathing and have faith, we have a chance to be/feel better...

    But hey, Life is none, but we still get to choose our attitude... get mad, or get ok, fuck it, let the shit hit the fan, later we'll clean it...