Saturday, January 3, 2015

Everybody's gotta learn sometime

Because we start from nothing and at the end, all we get to take with us are the lessons learned,
the experiences lived and shared.

Our body is borrowed. At the end of our life we give it back.
We should do our best to take care of it, but don't get to attached to it. It is just a body.

It's our choice what to do with our life, how to feel and what to create with what we have.
Pay attention to what you're holding on to. You will look back...

In Life, things are guaranteed to get hard, yet you are not alone in this. Suffering is part of everyone's life assignment. Like mud to the lotus flower. Don't quit, find love, find that sunshine.

There is no wrong or right path, every path you take is a choice that will lead you somewhere.
Every decision changes you and takes you where you're meant to be. 
But try, every time, to choose Love over fear.

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