Thursday, January 29, 2015

on Guilt...

Is there always a right way to do things?

If you you’re stealing, lying, cheating, faking, deceiving, harming, criticizing or judging others.
If you’re a coward or selfish and you manipulate, abuse, neglect, disrespect the ones that trust you, then, yeah, you’re doing everything the wrong away and you “aint worth shit”. Simple as that.

But do you regret being a shithead? ... Hum?
Ok, that’s a start. You might still have a chance of doing something right.

You see, guilt acts as an alarm clock to warn you about that choice of yours, a signal that tells you you’re not doing the right thing. If you’re feeling guilty, you know exactly what’s making you feel that way, and there’s your answer. But here’s the fucked up thing about guilt. It actually stops you from doing the right thing. It just pinches you and nags you till you reach such high levels of saturation that you stop thinking straight. And, how stupid can this be, guilt can actually make you avoid the person you’ve wronged.

So, stop feeling guilty and move on. What can you do to make emends?
Say I’m sorry and commit to never ever again repeat the same mistake.

Be brave to be good.
Be smart to do good.
Be clear to feel good.

… and remember. Life is a miracle. Respect your own Life, respect others.
How do you do that?! Well...
Stop being fucking selfish! and give thanks for all the beautiful things you’ve experienced, lived. All the adventures, love, friendship even the hardship. To breathe, to cry, to laugh, to smell the rain or feel the power of a wave… it’s a miracle! I call it a miracle because we don’t know where all this comes from!

Yes, I’ve been a fucked up shithead and I’ve hurt some really good people on my way. If I could go back would I’ve done differently? Yeah, of course!! But I can’t. We can’t. The only thing on my power is to commit in making emends and never again repeat the same mistake.

Can we change...?
Learn, read, study about Courage. Courage to speak your mind, heart and soul.
Like this:

"(...) If you really love me, then let's make a vow. Right here... together... right now. Ok? - Ok... - All right, repeat after me... I'm gonna be free. - I'm gonna be free. - And I'm gonna be brave... - I'm gonna be brave. - Good... I'm gonna live each day as if it were my last. - Oh that's good... - You like that ? - Yeah... - Say it. - I'm gonna live each day as it were my last... - Fantastically... - Fantastically. - Courageously... - Courageously. - With grace... - With grace. - And in the dark of the night, and it does get dark, when I call a name... - When I call a name... - It' ll be your name... What's your name ?
[no answer] Never mind... let's go... say it. - Let's go... - Everywhere... - Everywhere... - Even though... - Even though... - We're scared... - We're scared... - Cause it's life... - It's life... - and it's happening, it's really really happening... RIGHT NOW..."

Miranda July
"Me, you and everyone"

... what if you don’t trust or believe in what your mind, heart or soul tells you?

Well, admitting that is a 1st step... Then work it out!
What kind of life are you living if you’re not flying it?
Listen to yourself, know yourself, figure out what are your dreams and your Life's purposes.
Common, do you really want to keep living under other people opinions and plans?!
If we really want to be of any good, we must think for ourselves, which is not the same as being selfish. You’re a lot more helpful when you're clear and you know what you want, then when you're leaning all your weight against someone else’s already complicated life. Get your shit together. Plan, work hard for it, on the way, try to be helpful, share some warm smiles and hugs. Become useful...

So, stop being such a shithead and start making of yourself someone you’d be proud to meet! You'll always look back, there’ll be always a mirror reflecting your actions. Make yourself proud! Most of the time it hurts to do the right thing, but you’ll feel alive and more important, you won’t be ashamed of who you are.

… in this I believe.

"...I climbed the tree to see the world."


If you are sad, ask yourself why you are sad. Then pick up the phone and call someone and tell him the answer to the question. If you don’t know anyone, call the operator and tell him. Most people don’t know that the operator has to listen, it is a law. Also, the postman is not allowed to go inside your house, but you can talk to him on public property for up to four minutes or until he wants to go, whichever comes first.
Miranda July

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