Monday, February 23, 2015

I see you in me

We have learned how to behave in this world. How to talk, write and explain our thoughts. We've also learned that certain things shouldn't be done and others we should feel obliged/compelled to do them.

This is the modern society's education. Create who you want to be, to become.
So we create a Persona. Persona means mask. The character that is played in a theater, on a stage. And we wear that character to others till it's incorporated in ourselves and it becomes our choices and beliefs. And that's when we get so distant from our true nature that we no longer feel what it's true to us. What are your true beliefs? What are your true core values?

The Dalai Lama has a powerful presence, not because he has a Great Persona that overshadows others, but because he looks at the person he has in front of him with Love, with appreciation, with the thought, "May you be happy".

We are here to learn, we are here to grow up,
not to remain childish and get all we want.

We're ordinary people, living ordinary lives, but we can be extraordinary in the way we see, feel and transform the World. This growth can only come from Love. Really, start loving yourself to really, in truth, Love others.

Genuine Love says "I Love you, therefore I want you to be happy". Genuine Love holds yourself and others gently, with care, and allowing transformation to happen.

Fill fulfilled with yourself first, otherwise you're putting into the other all your expectations, your desires, and you forget that the other person is struggling too.

Love is growth, inner growth. To Love, you must start by accepting who you are, love yourself, and then, accept the other as they are,
as they come and as they go...

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