Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I wish I could let her, him, they know.
I wish the people that have and still do inhabit my Life knew how much Love I have for them and the deepest respect for the Love I've felt/feel from them.

All my Life I've met wonderful beings for whom I got important teachings. Teachings from all kinds. From the most simple one, teaching me how to play, to teaching me how to open and trust others.

Life is a mystery. Nothing ever is what it seems. The only sure thing I have in me is the Love and care I've shared in this Life and for that I'm so thankful and feel blessed. For that I feel that I need to be better and do better to others. Because when, despite the failures, sadness and mistakes, we still manage to dream and believe we are part of a great Universe, we learn how much greater all actually is.

It's not just your job, food in the plate, health and procreation. It's way bigger than all that. We are really all part of one bigger project, one larger and infinite dimension where, the same energy that created the stars and planets all united by a beautiful blanket of celestial matter, lives within each of us and we're all connected in a thread of colective consciouness.

If we want to be free, to Love, to expand, we can't be holding on to what details shape our Life. We go through some big lessons that shape who we are and what we believe, but it's important that we realize that those are lessons, not the final note of a great soul symphony. Our place in this world is the same as any other existing being. We're not more important than anyone or anything. We have our own place and from that place, from that specific heart beat, we can add another note, another vibration, that will takes us all towards dimensions unknown to us. We're simple people living simple lives of hurt and joy, broken or healed hearts, fearing or brave, in solitude or in companionship, disappointed or feeling admiration,  in sad disbelieve or with faith.

So in this shy and not so brave way, but still a way, I wish to tell her, him and them... THANK YOU, and please let Love heal your soul.

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