Friday, February 27, 2015

On Lack of Character

… your friends will support you and try to be your friends, they’ll excuse your mistakes if they don't get hurt. Society might tell you that you had no choice. Books will show that you’re “just” ignorant on the subject, but you… you’ll always now that you did wrong and that you’re not a good person.
The label, good or bad person, is not as blind as we tend to put it. There are specific traits in both. If your choices reveal more of one kind than another, then it’s clear on which side you’re on.
There is a scale of good and badness. One person can be good or a saint. One can be bad or a monster. Still, it’s all measurable through your actions/choices (conduct).

A way to explain how can one human being be so different from another is by analyzing their core values, meaning, going through what society has established as having a strong or a weak character. Either you respond to situations in a noble way or you choose the selfish and unthoughtful path.

If we break apart and simplify what defines holding a strong character or having none, we can come up with a set of adjectives that separate both.

If you lack character, then you carry in your actions lack of integrity, laziness, dishonesty, lack of perseverance, of self-discipline, of self-control. You hold unreliability, unworthiness, cowardice. You become someone others can't trust.

So, for the opposite to be true, your personality must be linked to a set of values like integrity, honesty, conscientiousness, trustworthiness, courage, seriousness and so on.

Most people that “Lack Character” will believe that they’re only taking care of their own Life, as is everyone else and unfortunately, only until they’re hit in they heart by the reflection of who they’ve become, they’ll continue taking care of business as usual.

How can we build a stronger character? What causes that fault in our personality?

Trust that you’ll be ok no matter what. Life is hard for everyone, even for those who seem to have it all. It’s hard to share, to be open towards another person. As we grow we learn to protect our toys, our secrets, our treasures. But very rarely things happen as we expected, right? Our mind makes plans and creates realities that most of the time are not met. So control your expectations. Accept what it is right now, right here. Our life is a sand castle that lives constantly “threaten” by the ocean tides, by the wind, rain or sunshine and by other sand castles builders. If you’re not happy, it’s not because someone or something is making you sad. You’re the architect of your own sand castle. Change what you think it can be changed, but not by stealing sand from another castle. If you’ve shared your castle with another, respect the bridges built between. Be a good neighbour, especially towards the people you care the most. You’re not more or less if you have a bigger castle. The quality of your castle foundations come from your own self. How much Love and respect do you have for yourself? If it’s not much, your castle is a fragile one and very easily it can that just fall apart.

If your castle as fallen apart, go through your mistakes, go deep into its foundations. Understand where you didn’t pay attention. What did you neglect? … From there and with humbleness and holding the thought that you can grow a good solid character, start again.

Keep in mind, you can be happy no matter what, but you must hold on tight to your set of values. Show Love for the ones in your life. Respect others choices and freedom. Be independent, emotionally and financially. Honour your commitments, but be clear with who/what you’ve committed to. Don’t just tell to yourself. Say it out loud! Speak your mind. Great intelligence comes from great Passion, and with Wisdom comes Compassion. So support your choices with self-conviction and an intelligent discourse, but be kind towards yourself and others. Things are not just as they are, you’re part of it. We are all part of it. We seem to be all a drift but we’re together in ignorance.

We have Purpose. Love yourself to find it and grow.
There’s no Randomness, and in this I believe.


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