Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Elevate your own energy 
Why not believe that there are angels embracing you in their wings of love and allow yourself to feel an incredible, peaceful, and comforting warmth...

Let go...
... you don't need to impress anyone, not even yourself.
... you don't need to prove anything, not even to yourself.
... you don't need to scream to be heard, or even whisper. You are heard.
... you don't need to be serious to exist.

Exist with your Heart. Feel its joy when you're home.
Your home it's you and the whole Universe. Feel all that greatness and bow.
You're home.

I know a planet inhabited by a red faced gentleman. He’s never smelled a flower. He’s never looked at a star, He’s never loved anyone. He’s never done anything except add up numbers. And all day long he says over and over, just like you, ‘I’m a serious man! I’m a serious man!’ And that puffs him up with pride. But he’s not a man at all-He’s a mushroom!
The Little Prince

“The only defense against this world, is to be happy where you are (...) A sense of humor can be an invaluable companion on our spiritual journey. There is a tendency, once we have embarked on the path of meditation, to take ourselves way too seriously, to become far too critical of others, to become heavy and pedantic. Keeping our sense of humor can be the antidote."

David Nichtern

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