Monday, March 16, 2015

Own your impact...

I bow towards my mistakes and selfish decisions that led to hurt. I bow towards those unfortunate decisions because I've learned from them and grew. I've learned that our Heart is more compassionate than our mind will ever be. Our Heart holds more freedom and compassion than we can imagine. But we also must be brave to have the openness of speaking our Heart and listen to another Heart. It's not just putting outhere who you are or wish to be, but also, to truly listen when you ask, when you speak and when you're told. Your choices will come from that space and so will be your impact in this world. Own your impact and be amazed by the immensity of forgiveness you'll feel from those close to you or that once were.

But remember also, who forgives everything, doesn't really care for anything... The act of forgiveness is an act of giving and true Love.


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