Thursday, March 12, 2015

Do you really care?

We live Life in a constant rush. We need this and that, and we must, and we should, and we have to and all the space we had to marvel to this amazing existence is swollen by doubts, and fears and questions that don’t open us towards beauty, but instead, they grow even more doubts in ourselves. STOP!


Apologize yourself for not being there right now. Apologize yourself for needing to make mistakes in order to learn. Apologize yourself for being selfish and just simply be.

We have this feeling that if we could we would have made different choices, we would have chosen different words, we would have gone a different path, but we couldn’t, accept that. You and me and everyone else, when it comes to living, the only thing we can do is our best and usually that is not enough to get all the answers right.

If you apologize others so easily, why can’t you do the same to yourself. Don’t carry your regrets within you. They just put you down, they change your energy, your attitude, into disbelieving what is true to you and only to you.

We all grow at different rhythms, different paces, most of the time we feel clueless and we just don’t know we could act differently. We can change who we are, but not how we feel. But we can change who we are. Listen to your own soul, they say that in “saudades” is where the soul lives. If we keep ourselves in track, focused we can actually change into who we want so much to be, a happy, fulfilled self.

With time we learn how to choose wisely and that will be one of our most important Life’s wisdom. To choose.

We don’t have time to see, listen, touch or taste all the wonders of this world. We must choose which ones are important to us and to those we must give our full attention, our full presence. We learn that just being passionate about things it’s frugal, like an artist gets inebriated by it’s own self fruition and feels empty a few seconds after. It’s only when you Love that the essence of things and people unveils to you.

Very few things should really matter to us, but those that do matter, care for them. Care for them with the same intensity as the pain you feel when you loose them.

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