Saturday, April 25, 2015

... motivation for what?

So, I posted on motivation, on how we need to push more out of ourselves but as always, unless you do something great, something people will recognize as big, huge, great, you're just another person... What is that? Just another person?

Are we that many that some of us are dispensable? If so, I'm one of those dispensable people... but, and there's always a but! (I try hard to be positive...) I'm sure that for some I'm not dispensable. There's always at least one person that will miss you. For a start, if your mom and dad are still sharing the same world as you, even if they've disagreed with every choice you've made, you're their miracle, their tiny little sweet miracle that they embraced and took care the best way they could. And then you'll probably have one other friend, one soul mate, one crazy idiot that believes the same silly "unconjugated" things that you believe in also...

... so motivation for what?

Motivation to at least bring some positive energy into this world. Motivation for at least make life easier to whoever you meet daily or randomly.

We might not be the best thing since "sliced bread" (life's breath), but we can be a good thing for something (someone). So here's why, despite not being the super hot shot in whatever, we can get motivated to be the best version of ourselves.

... don't say goodbye angry or frustrated. Say it with a smile and a positive "see you soon"...

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