Friday, April 24, 2015

What are emotions?...

What are emotions?...
Have you felt how sometimes we're stuck in emotions that are not helpful or even true.

How sometimes we choose not to think to be gentle with our own self and then, those same emotions, lead us into negative trips...

Trying to put into words what's an emotion we can describe it as a feeling, a sentiment, a reaction or a sensation. Sometimes mutually felt, other times a surprise, even for the person feeling them. So they're actually tricky and not so much trustworthy... how many times have you felt trapped by your own emotions?

"Emotions are a mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes; a feeling."

It's a mental state, so... don't let them decide what is right or wrong in you, others or in the world. For that you need to be calm and peaceful. If you've been having some weird feelings all through out the day, what kind of emotions do you think you'll sustain towards the news, words or even when you wake up the next day?

Always, always! shift your emotions into positive feelings. Yes, even sadness. Understand what caused the sadness and then react with a positive effort.

There are moments in Life that seem unbearable. Changes and surprises in Life, our own or of someone important to us, that are unfair and impossible to understand through our simple minds. The emotions that come from guilt, grief or solitude bring us to our lowest levels of existence, and in that state of "being" we have no willpower, no voice, no energy, no capacity for self-preservation...

So pay attention to your emotions but don't let yourself be led by them. Make your best effort to change them into a higher/positive vibration.

Everyone in this Life will go through many downhearted despairing moments, we know that as we know there's no way around it. We are more bluntly caught by them when they're unexpected or even unimaginable. Like we usually say, Life is not fair. It isn't. Life is not fair when we stand and think of it through our simple minds, of right and wrong, of hours, days, months, of facts and things learned in books. Why this or that? Why me? Why so many people? The "why's" we can't answer...

... but Life starts with a miracle.

Life starts with a Miracle. Hold that thought really deep in you.
Life starts with a Miracle.

And that is what we need to remind ourselves when everything feels fucked up.
Yes, fuck, why?????? ... but then stop and rethink! change your emotion! we actually come from somewhere, against all odds, we're born. We start to breathe and exist. It wasn't our doing. We were born, period, that's how far we know. We can feel there's more to it, but that's as far as our simple minds go.

Can you feel the vibrational change of your emotions? Do you feel the Hope, Love, Acceptance that can rise from one single thought? Life starts with a Miracle.

Embrace positivity and a higher perspective on things. Embrace nature and find your self-love, self-respect, self-freedom.

Love is God, Gotama, Allāh, Khuda, Ishvara, Maasai Engai, etc...
Love is the highest vibration we should aim for. Think from, to and with Love.

The divine {power} placed {within you} is far {stronger} and greater than any challenge/obstacle ever set before you.

Some of the keys to living and operating from this {divine} place of power with you are:
  • having a daily prayer/meditation life
  • connecting with this divine power within you daily
  •  becoming one with this power within you daily
  • activating and calling upon this power within you daily
  • doing more of what strengthens and empowers your spirit/energy; daily
  • doing less of what weakens your spirit/energy; daily
  • eating more foods that make you vibrate higher; daily and less that don’t
  • mastering and monitoring your words and thought frequency
  • saying no to people, foods, places, relationships and things that make you  vibrate lower and which seek to rob you of your energy
  • mindfully protecting and empowering your energy; daily

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