Thursday, May 28, 2015

... Not yet, but you will, in your own time.

"... and instead of giving the grade FAIL, I started writing NOT YET, and what a great difference it did in those kids self-esteem (...) you see, there's always space for improvement, aren't we all undone projects? So let's not jut focus on having good grades, and being the best in class, let's focus on finding solutions and being creative. There's always so much space for improvement..."

Who sets up the parameters of life and the standardized correct growth? Who really knows anything about it? Yes, there are very eloquent and great thinkers between us, but, again, another classic saying, "All I know is that I know nothing, for when I don't know what justice is, I'll hardly know whether it is a kind of virtue or not, or whether a person who has it is happy or unhappy."

We don't know what we're doing in this life, we don't know why we're here, we don't know if there's more to it or not, we don't even know if what our parents and schools taught us is really helpful... This leave us with just one trustworthy thing in which we can believe:  Love.
Love for yourself and for others. With Love comes respect, gratitude, humbleness and forgiveness.

And it is so simple…The one thing is - love thy neighbor as thyself - that is the one thing. That is all, nothing else is needed. You will instantly find how to live.

But we need to start first with ourselves. We won't ever truly forgive or be forgiven if we don't forgive ourselves first. The same with Love and Respect.

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