Monday, May 25, 2015

On being Free

... starting on this new "meditation", the morning tea cup meditation, I've had the wonderful insight on how similar our moral values are with "Nature" values.

We've created Art,  Religion, Education, Politics, Psychology,  Philosophy and so on, to try to establish guidelines on our correct conduct with others, but in Nature, the rules are the most basic ones, and when you think about it, they're actually more honest and sincere than "man's creations".

Of course those same subjects exist for our own intellectual pleasure or adventure, but when they're used as baselines I get the impression that the lines between respect and truthfulness get confused.

If you imagine yourself to be a different creature, wild one, who needs to look for shelter, food and a mate, you realize that your premisses must be very simple and direct. There's no laziness in waking up. You feel it deep inside the urge to eat and there's no fridge. You might have built a little dispenser, but you know it won't last forever, so you get up with the sun, you check out the usual places, you get wiser by watching your fellow friends, you learn quickly, through trial and error, how things work. And if you step on another creature space, or do any harm, immediately there will be consequences. You still feel the freedom and wonderful energy of this world and the great pleasure of just being.
And you'll know, when in front of a potential candidate, if there's any chance for a steamy romance or not. You just simply recognize the traits or lack of them...

That's why we keep recalling the simplicity of things when we were kids. Life wasn't fair or easy. Very rarely would we understand why things happened in a certain way and not another, but at the core, we enjoyed our freedom, the constant possibility of growth, the simple rules and of course, the playing just for the sake of playing, not because it will look nice in some post.

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