Tuesday, May 19, 2015

on Pain

"The depth of our pain equals the depth of our Love"
David Ji

Towards Pain, we can choose:

- to distract from the pain or;
- to go deeper into the pain.

Choose the second, go deeper, feel it, cry and grow from it.
May roses blossom from your pain." it is said.
It means that from that pain, allow yourself to go deeper inside yourself, to where your dreams and fears live, and in that fragile and humbling place, learn about Compassion.

Just as an organic gardener knows how to make good use of compost to grow beautiful flowers, so too does a practitioner know how to make good use of suffering to generate happiness.

Thich Nhat Hanh

May we all learn from our own self individual non transmissible pains, and build a more complacent attitude towards ourselves and others. And use the Love that rises from that sorrow towards others. Become that gentle warm candle light that so many of us need in sad times. Be the sweet music that creeps up straight into our soul's need and soothes in.

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