Saturday, June 27, 2015

Finding the Why's and forgive.

How easy would it be to see things exactly as they are, instead of manipulated by who we are.

We know it's easy to look back and think how we could have done things differently. We could have spoken what our heart told us secretly, we could have stopped to listen what was being said, we could have been gentler and less scared, we could have been less selfish and more giving.

How easy would it be if we had a constant reminder that we might be wrong, that we don't know everything and that what we do know is masked by our own deceiving self-beliefs.

Because of the constant mind chatter and intrusiveness, we should stop at least once a day to re-think our actions and choices - This is it. Now is what really matters - what is was, what it will be it's out of our reach. We can always tell a different story to ourselves, sugar coat our words or actions, but the truth will eventually rise to the surface, just like an air bubble rises to the surface, and it can happen at the worst time ever... So think about what you're saying to yourself.

Our fears tell us we need to be sure, we need to know, we need to react, but usually the heart asks for a bit of more time, for a bit more patience and compassion.

Love is the absence of judgment.

Dalai Lama

I always come back to the same ideas, but they are the core of how to live in society, of sharing and living together... If we acted with more gratitude and humbleness, we could give so much, and actually receive even more in return.

We all make mistakes, we all wish for happier endings, we all wish to be understood, loved, recognized... remember the joy you felt when you're caught by a friend or a parent doing something you were proud of. We continue to search, all through our life, for that recognition, that feeling of appreciation.

We're not that different from each other. Some of us have deep anger inside, have hate rooted in their heart, but we share the same nature, and what we think we would never do, we might see ourselves doing it one day.

Regret is another form of self-pity. You regret and you feel forgiven. Stop regretting and face what your heart most desires. Is it forgiveness, is it compassion, is it bringing joy to the ones close to you?
Change your Past and Future right now.

Open your heart and don't be afraid of being wrong. Let others know that you're still learning, that you have many doubts on Life or certainties that can be completely foolish.

If we begin to see others as people, your parents, your wife or husband, your sister, your brother as people, people that "we should have known better", people that are complicated, people that have confusing inner feelings and many fears, maybe we could then accept that if only we knew, any of us, we would have done it better. We would have done it better. If a hand had been given to us, we would have made the leap, if a compassionate face had told us that it's OK, we could have maybe shouted that it's not... see others as you would like to see yourself, through a lens of Love, warmth, care, respect, forgiveness...

You could have done it better but you didn't, but NOW, right now (not tomorrow), now you can do better. Use your time for that, either at work or leisure time.

“. . gentleness is stronger than severity, water is stronger than rock, love is stronger than force.”

Hermann Hesse

E para alguém muito especial, obrigada pelo amor, carinho e tanta generosidade.
"Aí vai cu!"

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